5 Questions to stop whining & start making the world a better place, today.

Most of us are so busy, running around, distracting ourselves, in this soap opera and drama that we call our daily lives, that we aren't present. We don't hear anything. The wisdom of the universe, the lessons we are meant to learn, go unnoticed.

In reality, we have so much wisdom inside ourselves.

When we stop, are still, and start listening, we connect to something profound inside, which is a guiding light. This is not to say ignore others, or ignore evidence, and only find information that confirms your personal truth or bias. I'm suggesting instead of rushing around, take more time to be still.
Instead of making a decision or googling something after we have a thought, we sit with it for a minute. Instead of talking over others and thinking, we need to get our point of view across before we forget it, that we just let that go and listen.
Prioritise and make time to reflect.
Consider the alternatives to our point of view—we actively seek these out to uncover our biases (I call it living in opposite land, it's super fun).
Come to realise there can be many right ways and right opinions on the same topic or idea.
And when something happens in our lives, instead of letting the drama unfold, we instead ask, "what is this experience trying to teach me" before indulging a reaction, becoming a victim and going into moody mode.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Start with these five questions ⤵️

What are you made for?
Who are you here to serve?
What are you here to give?
What problem do you solve for others?
What unique gifts do you have to offer?

How could you apply your answers from these five questions to take action, solve problems, and make the world a better place?

Life really is here for you; you only need to ask. Tell life what you want, then allow the good to happen. Find ways to explore, experiment, and make it happen.




I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.

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Kristy Bertenshaw

Kristy Bertenshaw

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.

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