5 Reasons to write & publish stories, even if you think no one cares what you have to say.

Here are 5 reasons to make it a must to become a better storyteller—to write and publish your ideas.

Every moment in time is an opportunity to impact someone
To help. To serve. To contribute.
When we share stories—when we are vulnerable and available for connection—what we are doing is transferring emotion.
How the story will land? That really depends on the reader, or listener, where they are at, and what they are focused on.
From a place of vulnerability, we are way more likely to impact, and influence.

When we write, even if it’s in a journal or free-balling it, we figure out what we think about a thing
. We process. This gives us clarity, on where we stand, and what we truly believe.

To find your tribe.

Will all ideas resonate? Um, no.
Will you go viral? Unlikely.
But when you write from a place of authenticity, being real, your truth and sharing generously, your ideas will land with those that need them… eventually.

Want to uncover your unconscious beliefs
, viewpoints and stuff—the invisible stuff—that seemingly controls your life & experience? Write.
It’s one way to make the invisible, well, visible. It can be quite shocking, and surprising, sometimes delightful, to discover what comes out.

Writing is cathartic
. It helps us unpack our experiences, and deal with life.
It’s also free therapy.
You’re welcome.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

You’re not going to hit a home run each time you write.
You’re practising art.

For those who think they are not storytellers?

That itself, paradoxically, is a story.
Stories are something we are born to do as human beings. We don’t have to be any good at it, but it is in our DNA. And if we aren’t any good? That is what practice is for! Do your reps, just like working out at the gym.

If you’re not telling stories, it could be that you've tuned out of something inside you—disconnected from something deeper. A safe way to get started, is with a journal, pad & pen, in the safety & sanctity of your own home. No one needs to read it, just write and see what flows out. Burn after reading if that makes you feel better.

Life is finite. The stories we write will be here long after we are gone. They become part of our legacy.




I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.

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Kristy Bertenshaw

Kristy Bertenshaw

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.

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