Beginnings. Endings. Reality TV Show Casting Calls.

The ending of my evening fiction book.
The ending of a movie.
Sometimes I’ll go to bed before something I’m enjoying is finished.
Why? I don’t want it to end.
And lockdown has exacerbated things.

How come I didn’t realise this was my last…?

Endings can be hard.
Sometimes they sneak up on us.
We don't realise that it is about to be over.
That what we had is done.
That there won’t be any more of it,
Often forever.

I feel a swirl of emotions in my tummy as I type this, which I don’t love.

When we focus on things ending, we are often focusing on what we are giving up. It’s why people don’t like giving up drinking, smoking, dieting and all the rest. Our brain is wired to notice what’s missing.

We have got to focus on what’s next.
Have a compelling future of the vision to live into.
And, have some fun creating it.
It doesn’t all have to be serious.
It could be writing that novel you’ve been meaning to.
It could be learning a new skill to show off.
It could be creating a new social channel or group and being active in it.
Something. Anything.
Where we can see a vision of what we are doing, put ourselves out there and show up.

This got me thinking.
We are each the star in our own lives.
What if the next thing was literally to star in something?
Like maybe a Reality TV show.
Just for fun and all that?
I’ve found a few casting calls, on in Australia right now.

Apply to be on your favourite Reality Show.

Apply to be on Australian Survivor here.
Apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race Downunder here.
Apply to be on First Dates Australia here.
Apply to be on MasterChef 2022 here.

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

If this is not for you, then TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are all places where we build a show of ourselves, posting up the very fabric of our daily lives…



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