Bitcoin as a Global Reserve Currency?

I know here in Australia that the tax implications are a barrier for quite a few people — I’ve had several debates over the topic. Especially given it’s just about tax time again, and well and truly to be time to be planning for the next fiscal year.

With so much speculation, where do you go for your news?
Or to help with making decisions on what to do next? And is it time to double down or get out?

I’m excited to see Peter Diamondis hosting a Special Bitcoin Workshop tomorrow — Thursday, June 10th PT from 8 am — 10:30 am
(Local times: Friday, 11th June at 3 am NZT or 1 am AEST)

This will be a deep dive into Bitcoin to give you a clear perspective on its long-term role and whether we should consider it in our portfolios.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Hosted By:

Peter Diamondis
Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy, major Bitcoin Proponent;
Bill Barhydt, Co-Founder & CEO of Abra, leading Crypto bank.

What’s Covered?

Is this the end of Bitcoin?
Or is it the best time ever to purchase?
Why do many consider Bitcoin fundamental to a future of global abundance/economic stability?
How will Bitcoin be regulated?
Will financial institutions adopt it as a Store of Value/Asset Class?
Should you consider Ethereum and other Altcoins?

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