Do you want to become a great leader in the world we live in today?

Emotionally intelligent leaders are aware of their own emotions and intuitively aware of the emotions of others — their clients, customers, team, stakeholders — everyone. They are not only willing to listen to the concerns of others but can decipher, even in silence, the emotions our facial expressions and body language give away. They also don’t just assume what they have deciphered is correct; they ask. They ask open-ended questions to make sure their assumptions, or what they think things mean, are correct.

From my insta

In business, these women often know more about their customer & clients than the customer knows about themselves!

I’m honouring give great woman leaders I feel blessed to know by tagging them today. Why?
I am cultivating habits of gratitude and grace and embody them by living them.

I invite you to do the same.

Who is someone you are grateful for and why? Write a quick post with a pic or quote and post tagging someone. It’s paying kindness, gratitude and grace forward. We need this more than ever with scarcity, fear and people struggling, so it’s one easy thing you can do today.

Amazing, inspiring, empathetic female leaders I respect & am honouring include-



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