Feeling Rotten.

It started Monday when I woke up with a migraine.
It’s now a headache but hasn’t gone away.

Under the weather.
These are all things I can think of when I’m not well.

The thing I like the least?
Not being able to show up in life the way I expect.
Feeling like my standards are lowered.
Getting out of practice in my daily rituals and habits.

And wondering when it will be all good again.
What can we do when we are feeling unwell?
Be in communication with anyone who is relying on us, no matter the context.

Outsource or delegate whatever is possible; Use the Eisenhower Matrix for deciding how.
Get extra sleep. 9 hours or so.
Dose up on vitamins. Vitamin B, D, C, multivitamins and Zinc!
Eat nourishing foods. Eat a Rainbow. And Beef.

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Kristy Bertenshaw

I love to write bite-sized stories, essays & poetry. Revenue Generation & Growth Specialist | Passionate About Using Technology & Storytelling to Drive Results.