How I learned faith from really bad dates.

Many of us are playing the dating game, are in relationships or have dated at some point during our lives. Some dates are awesome. Others? Not so much.

Kristy Bertenshaw
2 min readNov 21, 2022

I got to chatting with a girlfriend about our weekend exploits this evening. I enjoyed a spectacular weekend drinking fine wines, delicious champagne and delectable cuisine at Melbourne's hotspots, decked out in black-tie attire. My gf? A first date from hell. The pinnacle of her night being when her date grabbed her lower belly and asked her how much gained weight she had gained this year. Our experiences could not have been more different, and ummm, how rude !!!

Note to self: Your Hand Is Not A Claw. They’ll top up the champers soon enough, relax.

What would you do if someone did that to you? How would you react? And more importantly, what do you do after the moment has passed? Would you let the person and that moment ruminate and live rent free in your head?

We can’t control what happens to us in life.
But we can control what we make it mean,
And what we choose to do next.
We can also choose what we believe about people.
Even when sometimes actions — like my girlfriends first date — lead us to feel the contrary. How?

Ask yourself if you have ever believed in anything,
Or anyone,
Without absolute proof?
It’s called faith. Having Faith.

It’s easy when something seemingly magical happens to feel all inspied, and like life has changed for the better from that moment. We call it inspiration, an epiphany, or an aha moment. But what if these equally icky moments are there to serve us? Couldn’t we choose to have faith that they are? And are meant to also be important life lessons?

Almost all religions believe that people are sent to us to guide us throughout our lives. I like to believe we can also find guidance every day in mundane moments, in really crappy moments and in the incredible ones too.

All the moments in life and the people in them can teach us something. In every situation there can be two explanations; the scientific and the divine. It’s up to us on which one we buy into.

Right and wrong.
Justice and fairness.
Love and heart.
Courage and tenacity.

If you’ve had a really shitty weekend, terrible dates, have Mondayitis, are experiencing a crappy job or boss, or life is panning out to be average as, what lesson could you could you choose to take away as a snip-bit of wisdom sent from the divine to make your life better and serve you?



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