I changed everything with a 30-second commitment each day.

It’s the easy way to get started on something new too. Here’s how.

Kristy Bertenshaw
2 min readNov 23, 2022

It’s the way we can do anything.
Take imperfect action.
To just start,
In the smallest way.

Write one sentence in a journal = now you’re officially a writer.
Meditate for one breath. Congratulations, now you officially meditate.
Go for a walk to the letterbox in your work clothes or PJs; fabulous, you just started your fitness journey.
Tell one person you love them; you’ll be a relationship ninja in no time.
Think of one thing you are grateful for, and now you officially have a gratitude practice.

Writing one sentence in your diary is enough when done daily. Anymore can be extra credit.

It doesn’t need to be earth-shattering or massive. That’s just one strategy.
It can be tiny but mighty when you practice consistency.
Doing it on the daily, getting in your reps.

Being in action and doing is the only way to get anything done. Even when super tiny—
Increases your confidence,
Increases your competence over time,
And creates the feeling of success.

Even when you have 10 seconds.
Ten seconds of practice is better than no seconds of practice.
Seconds turn into minutes,
Minutes turn into hours,
Hours turn into days,
Days turn into years,
And in what seems like no time at all,
You’re a master.

The feeling of putting those 10 seconds of practice in is incredible too.
It’s easy to do.
And you showed up.
You kept your word to yourself.
You had honour. This builds self-esteem.
And it didn’t matter if you were too busy, over-committed, sick or otherwise; you found the 10 seconds and did something.

Now you are the kind of person who is unstoppable and unwavering in your commitment.

Now you feel your true authentic self.
Your true self, the one that keeps his/her/their promises and shows up,
No matter what.

It’s not even hard to do.
It’s fulfilling,
It’s inspiring,
It’s the real you!

Forget the addiction to shame, guilt, failure, pity parties and suffering.
Stop playing small.
The world needs you,
And all you have to offer.



Kristy Bertenshaw

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