If we could choose anything, what legacy would you choose?

Adversity, trauma and life experiences allow us to grow. They allow us to feel more empathy, to learn wisdom and to explore life from different perspectives. They create resilience. Once we develop resilience the first time, it is there for us the second time — it is like a muscle that has to be worked out. Our ability to bounce back quickly from any given situation gives up power and can create remarkable human beings.

It’s not our successes or failures that people will remember about us — that will become our legacy.
It is our character,
Our values,
Our actions.
Our kindness,
Our courage,
Our behaviour.
Our stories,
Our words,
Our tall tales, and our cheeky yarns,
Our experiences and shared adventures.
Our resilience and ability to bounce back.
It is our connections with each other.
It’s how we make other people feel,
How we help and contribute to others,
What we create and give,
And our unconditional love.

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.