Is it time for a career or job change? Try a career test that actually predicts your job fit.

When thinking about changing roles, industries and/or careers, there is so much to unpack. Sometimes it is hard to work out where to even begin.
It’s a new season, a new month and an excellent time to start something new, so over the coming days, I will share a few key things to get you started on this epic quest. Rather than a huge list, I’m going shallow, what I’m good at (lol). I’ll share one thing you can do each day to move your life forward.

Ah, Why Act Now?

The cost of living is on the rise, coupled with record unemployment rates and record job listings. Obvs.

The stats

  • Inflation is now at 5.1% in Oz.
  • Unemployment is at 3.9%; the lowest in 50 years in Australia.
  • There are mega job listings in both Australia & NZ.
  • A new government has just come into power in AU.

This means if you’re even on the fence thinking about a new job, the time to act is now.

So, where do you get started?

Have you ever thought about uncovering your underlying motivations and what drives you and using those to figure out what roles you would be a good fit for? Thanks to AI, converging tech, and innovative companies, this is relatively easy.


The tool I love and was introduced to by my epic coach Julie during my Startmate fellowship is Fingerprint For Success.

Fingerprint for Success, aka F4S, is an all-in-one coaching suite based on a 20-year study of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. What separates F4S from the rest is its ability to identify your work motivations, which can be optimised to help unlock your potential and achieve high productivity in the workplace. Yay! F4S will help you identify your strengths and uncover your blind spots. With the app, you get to also compare and benchmark your results with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and startup founders. How cool is that?

Collaboration and diverse talent are key to achieving great work for potential employers. F4S helps identify talent gaps within organisations, how you fit in as part of the team and loads more like ⤵

Sourced from

Learn more on their blog, getting started with this post: This career test actually predicts job fit (says a 20-year study).

Actional insights

💡 Take the F4S online assessment
💡 Look at your results in the app & explore your motivations and blind spots
💡 Watch the videos on what they mean (inside the app)
💡 Look at the scenarios and examples which uncover the insights on where you are best suited.
💡 Optional: Share your results with potential future employers

The tiniest changes can make the biggest difference when repeated consistently over time. What will you choose to implement today?



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