Missing Loved Ones? Miss friends? Want to travel? Here’s how.

Missing international travel? Here’s how to get started

Do you have plans to travel from Victoria to NZ?
And thought you could go home when the bubble ended tonight?
Guess again.
Your plans? Your loved ones? Your work?
It’ll all have to wait…
For at least five more days.
The travel bubble, which was due to end tonight, has been extended.

Missing your loved ones?
Missing your friends?
Need to attend urgent business meetings?
As soon as the bubble opens, book your travel & GO before it bursts!

Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

Whats more, according to the vaccine eligibility tracker, at age 39 with amazing health, no underlying conditions, and not servicing front-line, I’m not even part of the planned rollout. Like, ever. KK.

When’s yours due? Are you a priority? Check in out here.

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