Our furry friends. The silent productivity killers.

Here’s how to stop your fur babies from interrupting your flow & killing your output when you’re working from home.

I was trying to create a video for a client earlier today, following up from a coaching session. I work with clients to achieve rapid results. Think the Home Edit style organisation meets strategist and habits ninja. For example, past clients results include losing 20lb/15kg of body fat and keeping it off, getting to the gym each weekday and transforming their bodies and energy, coming off all medication, becoming a writer, publishing multiple books, increasing sales by 1/2 a million in revenue each month, etc. Oops, I digress.

The cat—Princess, my beautiful La Perm Rex—kept meowing as I was in the kitchen. To her, the kitchen equals food, and she knows the most influential being in the room will always get their way, so she will always give it a good nudge to demand what she wants, now. Meowwww!

So, after six attempts and re-records, I finally got it without her in it, or so I thought…. I end up sending a video all but perfect except for the final few seconds where you hear her howl in the background. Reeeoooow!!

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Are you working from home more these days too?
Are your furry friends a bit of a pest when you’re at home?
Interrupting your meetings? Or workflow?
Interrupting your zoom calls?
Being heard loud and proud on your videos?

Each time we are interrupted by anything, no matter how cute, it’s a major productivity killer.

As much as I enjoy watching peoples work faux pas and bloopers involving kitties, doggos or children do the rounds on social media or TV; it really is easy peasy to entertain them while when we want to get things done.

Do you need a dog walker — someone to get your pooch out of the house when you have an all-important meeting?
Or when you need to focus?
Need home visits to keep your furry friend entertained?
Need a pet sitter to take care of your fur children while you travel?

There are loads of people who lost their jobs during COVID and instead are available for tasks like this. But can you trust them? Is it safe to have strangers in your home? I recommend using a service that screens people first and offers a guarantee and insurance, so you know you’re covered if anything goes wrong. That’s what I looked for when I found myself in the position of needing to outsource some attention onto my purry pest. I found MadPaws.

Photo by leonides ruvalcabar on Unsplash

My experience is that MadPaws are affordable, reliable, safe, trustworthy and provide excellent service. Check them out if you’re in Australia and in need of pet services — they do way more than just pet sitting.

And if you’re in need of achieving something specific in your life, some specific result, I’m here. What we can measure, we can move, and we can manage.



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Kristy Bertenshaw

I love to write bite-sized stories, essays & poetry. Revenue Generation & Growth Specialist | Passionate About Using Technology & Storytelling to Drive Results.