Self-isolate until further notice when I haven’t left the house? Really?

I was told to isolate indefinitely after being identified as a secondary close contact from a super-spreader event here in Melbourne.

It felt like such a rip-off.
I wasn’t even there—I was at home—and had to self-isolate without leaving the house for 15 days.
The bottom-line?
Or lesson we can learn from this?

While this virus is around, choose where you go and who you hang out with wisely. It doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated. You can still get COVID, can still pass it on, and can still get sick although you’re less likely to get hospitalised or die (and you’re less likely to spread it too).
It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel sick, it doesn’t matter if you wear a mask;
If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time—aka the same time as someone who is later identified as COVID+—; or hang out, or live with someone who was in that location, you’ll be on home-d until further notice.
If you live in an apartment? It even matters who your neighbours have around! If you share a lift, and anyone enters the apartment (think UberEats, Removalists etc) and someone who comes in the building later tests positive (within 14 days) you’ll all be on lockdown, even if there are hundreds of you, yikes!
So, choose your friends, choose where you live, choose your neighbours, choose where you work.

I’m now asking myself if I really need to go places or if I can click-collect or get delivery until there is a long-term solution in sight. Even in countries with high vaccinations rates, the Delta strain seems to be tightening its grip.

Anytime we finish something,
Or start something new,
It’s an opportunity to press reset,
And get a clear vision of where we are going forward.
With the restrictions we have,
And life exactly as it is.
Even if it’s not what we would like.

Take it as a chance to reset.
Let go of the past. Let go of the negative energy.
Let go of shoulding all over the place.
Focus vividly on what’s next going forward.
Create a compelling vision,
And compelling, irresistible offers.

What’s next for you?
Your business?
Your life?
Your customers.
There are 23 weeks left in 2021.
Do you want or need to make changes?
What will you prioritise?
Where will you focus?
In relationships?
How about your skills?

Taking control means doing stuff.
Our power lies in our ability to act — to take action.
Who we become.
What we control.
What we do.
What we give.
What we create.

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.