Shortcuts to closing more deals & selling more stuff.

Kristy Bertenshaw
2 min readNov 8, 2022


Hack your way to more revenue in 5-minutes or less. Here’s how.

This could be the revenue shortcut you’ve been looking for. Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

I’m obsessed with watching makeup hacks on Instagram. I find them cathartic after a stressful day. This got me thinking about how I could create reels outlining business strategies the same way. While I haven’t yet figured out the how—post in the comments if you have some tips or share you’re Insta/TikTok if you’re doing this—I have uncovered cheat sheets written infographic style allowing us to hack our way to tips and revenue, pronto, starting with The Challenger Sale Methodology. What’s it all about? Well, let’s start with teaching…

🎓 My favourite teachers in school and at university have always been those who asked me quality questions and who made me think. Those who challenged my assumptions and found creative, playful ways to do so. How about you?

💡 It turns out these skills are transferable to the wonderful world of business; in particular are some of the skills common amongst excellent #salespeople. And we are all salespeople when we wear different hats throughout our lives. Ever heard of the saying that the most persuasive person in the room wins?

🤔 Want to always get your movie or next #netflix show choices happily selected by the family? Or perhaps close more deals? Start by upping your sales and teaching game! You’ve probably heard of The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson. If you need a refresher, the highlights, or the overview before purchasing the book, here’s your cheat sheet written by John Waltrip. It’s worth the read.

🙋‍♀️ Have you read the book or cheatsheet? What were your key takeaways, or what have you implemented in your organisation, life or business? Comment below; sharing is caring!



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