The Startmate Fellowship, X-Factors, why I applied, and how to pursue your dreams too.

Full disclosure, I’m approaching my 40th year on the planet.
Don’t all tell me at once how young and fabulous I look (go on then, just a little), and I’m planning & executing my journey into startups now?
Aren’t they full of energetic, hip, tech-savvy, coding geniuses, decades younger than yours truly?
Do startups have a place for someone like me?

A couple of things.

Then there is the X-factor.

Imagine you’re at your favourite sports game.

One of the huge realisations I came to after my relationship ended was how many games I thought I was playing, and I was just support crew. My life was consumed by taking care of everything he needed, predicting everything, doing everything, obsessing how to make sure he was taken care of, so he only needed to focus on building his game—his business, his life.
This was my choice, and at the time, I was beyond happy and fulfilled—to feel a part of this world in this context.
However, in reality, I was nothing more than a PA or EO, without the job title or the pay. And then when we ended, that ended too.

Time has passed, and I miss being part of that world. The tech world. Innovation. Companies with impact and mission at their core. Those utilising exponential technology. Startups. Like really miss them.
I believe that for things to change, I must change them.
For stereotypes to change, aren’t we each responsible for redefining them?
And I do not believe in tearing things down.
I’m a build them up gal. Add value. Get creative. Be the change!
To be a positive, uplifting, energetic change.

Ok. So it was time to walk the talk.

How can this help you achieve your dreams, goals, objectives and outcomes?

Don’t play small.
Fortune Favours the Bold.
Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting despite it.
Rehearse and practise in advance.
The people who are the most successful fail the most. So it’s OK to fail, but try and Fail fast.

Tomorrow I’m going to write about what I’ve learned so far, after week 1—

For my fellow Startmate fellows, how are you going?

To my fellow movers, shakers, action-takers and dreamers!
Where would you like to fit into the world next? What contribution? Communities or careers would light you up? What’s one action you could get started with now?



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Kristy Bertenshaw

I love to write bite-sized stories, essays & poetry. Revenue Generation & Growth Specialist | Passionate About Using Technology & Storytelling to Drive Results.