Vaccinations for COVID-19 — my body, my choice, right? Maybe not.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

In VIC, we have already had 30+ weeks in stage 4 lockdowns and 26+ weeks in stage 3 lockdown and have had restrictions since March 2020. Today the morning news, I heard one guest urging people to ask friends, family, neighbours etc. to get vaccinated and not be so selfish — to do it for others; so I’m experiencing pressure from the media, and the media encouraging we peer pressure and shame one another to get vaccinated so our economies can reopen.

Regardless of my opinion on what is right or wrong, I want our businesses to reopen, so I’ve decided to share incentives I see if they are what we need to increase the vaxx rates. After all, people love incentives, and I think it is cool when a company is trying to do social good in any way, shape or form.
So from today, you’ll see any I find posted here.

Starting today, Tuesday, September 7th, Citizen Wolf are giving away fifty 145gsm organic cotton T’s to people getting their first COVID-19 vaccination.

Why the giveaway? They believe the vaccine protects us as individuals, but it protects the people we care about too — even if we don’t know them yet, and that’s what community is about.

How do you get the incentive?

1. Book in for your first vaccination with your nearest eligible healthcare provider. Vic here, NSW here.

2. Once you’ve received your first shot, post a photo of your freshly jabbed arm and tag Citizen Wolf and #citizenwolfpack. I assume they mean on Instagram; their website doesn’t say.

3. The first 50 people to tag Citizen Wolf in a picture will be eligible.

More details here.



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