What are the simple things that make you feel happy?

Feel Good Stuff: Ideas ⤵

Stream a feel-good movie

Here’s a list of 35 Feel-Good Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Down.

Write in a journal

One sentence is enough. It’s the art of taking regular action that matters.
I prefer to write in the morning as I wake and let whatever comes up flow through without overthinking.
Another excellent method is to write at the end of the day to unpack and record your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Whatever feels best for you. Explore. Be playful.

Create a tea ritual

The practice of drinking tea can be a gateway to communing with yourself, and in the right setting, it creates space for reflection, mindfulness and being in the present moment. Learn how to create one here (or google and post your favourite article in the comments below).

Get reading: 1 page a day is loads

If you want to get started reading and it’s been a while, 1 page a day books are excellent. I love The Daily Stoic (and here’s the digital version).
I read fiction at bedtime. It helps me unwind, let go of the day, and primes my brain for excellent dreams.

Call or video call a friend or family member. Even better, meet up IRL and do something that is laugh out loud fun. A walk, movie, park, volunteer, or take in an art show.

Cuddle your pet. Don’t have one? Visit a cat cafe or stream cat/dog videos

Research suggests that spending time with animals is among the best coping methods for stress, anxiety and depression.
Here’s a list of cat cafes in Australia and New Zealand.

What about Sugary Foods or Soda?

Sugary foods and soda are also on the minimise list, so again, if you find cookies, ice cream and soda on your feel good list, try instead low-carb cookies (I love Justine's Cookies) and Halo Top Icecream and low-sugar Kombucha. The idea here is that you never have to give up anything; always ask what a nutritious, nourishing alternative is that you can have: you always have options, google and be curious. Share any winners in the comments below.

What will you choose to implement today? Come back tomorrow for your next actionable insight.



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Kristy Bertenshaw

Kristy Bertenshaw

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.