Who you want & decide to be are more important than who you are today.

These may be the darkest times we have experienced at a global scale in a very long time. But darkness can only last if we don’t bring our light to it.

Understand it is normal to be freaking out. Take a deep breath and know the hearts of millions of others are beating — just like yours; we are all feeling the exact same way. It’s terrifying.

I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating at this time.

Your daily actions make up the daily fabric of your life.
You Are What You Do. Daily.

Imagine that you are the main star on the Truman Show — in social isolation/home lockdown — and the world is watching your every move. Your boss is watching what you are doing, and your kids are watching you for guidance on how to act, what to feel, how to respond (well not in the bedroom or loo, but you get the point). To your children, you are a god, and what you say and do isn’t just opinion, it is reality. It is gospel. It will be etched into their hearts and minds forever.
How are you going to choose to live from this moment onwards knowing this?

Before tomorrow begins, think about
Who you will decide to be and what you will do,
How you will choose to act,
Who you will help,
And what integrity, honour and self-respect mean to you.
How would you want to be remembered?
How would you behave if the whole world was watching you?
Scribble it down on paper, or use the voice recording function on your phone. Make this an activity, not just something you read.

Why does this matter? Who you want to be and decide to be are more important than who you are today.

You can be whoever you want with PRACTICE (yes, it takes action and practice!!!! If you not sure how to schedule a call with me).
It also requires letting go of who you were yesterday.
Resilience requires re-invention. It requires growing.
Re-invention starts with quality questions.

It’s not your successes or failures that people will remember about you — which will become your legacy.
It is your character,
Your values,
Your actions.
Your kindness,
Your courage,
Your behaviour.
Your stories,
Your tall tales, your cheeky yarns,
Your experiences and shared adventures.
It’s how you make other people feel,
How you help and contribute to others,
What you create and give,
And your unconditional love.
It is stepping up at a time when the world needs you.

The antidote to fear is gratitude and giving.
Giving to yourself.
Giving to the people you love and those who love you.
Giving to those who need help and who can’t hurt or harm you.
Giving to those beyond your family and beyond yourself will give you a feeling that there is more than enough. It will teach your brain a sense of abundance, which is invaluable in a time where scarcity, uncertainty and fear are driving the behaviour of the masses.

I give you my word that I will stand for you at a time when you may be feeling the most vulnerable you have in a long while. We may be strangers, we may be best friends, but together we can be greater than who we are individually.

What is my 10-second daily practice to create gratitude and resilience? What does this look like on the daily?
My practice is: After my head hits the pillow at night, and will think of one thing I’m grateful for and smile.

I know you’re up to the challenge to stick with me and start building your mental muscle to ultimately be of service to others.
We must start with you first. We must practice. We must make it easy for you to feel successful. I am so excited to be on this journey of action & re-invention together.

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.