Why do you make art or create content?

Some people write to publish content consistently, others do it because it’s what they are made for.

Kristy Bertenshaw
2 min readNov 15, 2022

Why do you make art? That’s the question I posed to myself as I sat in the freezing cold, hail hitting the bay windows and sunlight. The flashing cursor seemingly taunted me for hours, reminding me my page remained empty, although I was wracking my brain with what to create today.

Why I create and write is deeply personal and varies daily— from getting writing practice to delivering my heartfelt desires, thinking of someone I need to serve, to being deeply inspired and living in the moment.

Often, it’s to simply bare myself; this being a common reason many artists and creators feel drawn to their craft.

Whether you’re a content creator or creating art that keeps you true to yourself—or anything in between—knowing why is something to explore, especially if you haven’t thought about it for a while.

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Knowing Why—

It creates a space for renewed empathy.

In language, we can capture all the things we see and feel to record their beauty, power, excitement and terror. It allows us to communicate our sense of the world — that way of understanding, engaging, experiencing the world — to somebody else. We can have others transported into the world we created with language.

It helps us connect with others.

By telling stories, we connect with each other. We talk about ourselves, our feelings, and what it is to be human. As we change and grow as human beings, our why changes, and exploring that through our content and art shares the journey with others on it, near and afar.

And then there is self-expression.

Rather than just coming up with a specific format blog or content to follow, being present in the moment allows us to deeply express ourselves and evoke emotion, human connection and a sense of being known.

If you have the odd writer's block or want to step away from normal formats, ask yourself why. Why are you creating this content? Why are you creating art? And consider losing the rules and being in the moment, where ever that takes you.

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