Leaders bring out the best in those they lead or serve.
Leaders inspire trust.
Excellent leaders are role models and teachers.

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Over the weekend, I was chatting with a few friends and colleagues. “I’m on breakdown number 4; what are you on?” was a common theme of banter.

So, what exactly is happening to your brain while you are in lockdown? I found this awesome article, a little dated but still relevant.

Here’s the key summary~

I love watching RuPaul & the fabulous Queens compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
However, I hate the end of a season.
In fact, I loathe the end of any series.
I seriously don’t love endings in general.
They make me feel all icky inside.

How come I didn’t realise this was my last…?

Both the Victorian and NSW governments keep mentioning that our businesses will remain closed until we have a 70% vaccination rate. Does that seem like it is a choice if we want our economies to reopen?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

How many times do we have something important in life, and we aren’t feeling optimal, well, prepared or otherwise?
Or like the best version of ourselves?
I suspect it is a lot of the time.
So, what do we do?

How do you answer this? Is it effective? How do you know?

You’re at an event — virtual, or in-person — something related to your industry. After the event, you get a chance to network. It is great to connect with people; you appreciate that more these days.

What do you do?

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Do you take naked photos of your children and post them on social?

It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday. If he had lived, he would have been 62 years old.

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Kristy Bertenshaw

I help people unlearn stuff that isn’t workable and design behaviour which guides them towards fulfilment, freedom & flow.

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